Premises Details As At 22/07/2019 15:27:44

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    • Premises offering alcohol for consumption on the premises and offering, conferencing, receptions such as weddings, funerals, birthdays, retirements etc, club meetings, recorded music, live performances, dance facilities, theatre, films, gaming facilities, indoor/outdoor sports, televised sports.
    • Stirling

Application History

Application TypeDate of ApplicationDate of DecisionStatus
Extended Hours01/11/301025/01/2012Granted
Extended Hours08/05/201916/05/2019Granted
Extended Hours24/04/2019 Refused
Extended Hours24/04/201930/04/2019Granted
Extended Hours27/03/201917/04/2019Granted
Extended Hours13/02/2019 Refused
Extended Hours22/12/201819/01/2018Granted
Extended Hours20/12/201811/01/2019Granted
Extended Hours14/11/2018 Refused
Extended Hours12/11/201828/11/2018Granted